Our Clients Say...

Engineering Manager, Computer Systems Manufacturer

I'd like to take a moment to extend my personal thanks to you for the outstanding service provided to me by The Design Factory.

Our Engineering Department has now used the Design Factory for two different design engagements. During both projects, you consistently performed above and beyond our expectations. Your expertise, attention the detail and strong team spirit enabled us to complete quality, custom design engagements on schedule while maintaining our budget constraints. Your attention to detail translated into reduced design cycles, minimized our prototype costs and eliminated unnecessary tooling costs.

Your mechanical expertise in developing products compliant with various testing agencies criteria has proved invaluable in our ability to deliver robust, feature-rich, high quality products to our customers. As far as I am concerned, the Design Factory has become an essential extension of our Engineering capabilities. On multiple occasions you went beyond the original scope of work to ensure our satisfaction and ultimately help us achieve our customers objectives. Our use of your services has enabled us to keep our Engineering overhead to a minimum without sacrificing design capabilities that our customer base requires.

I look forward to additional opportunities to work together in the future. Should you ever need a recommendation, please do not hesitate to utilize my name as a satisfied client.

Director of Operations, Medical Device Manufacturer

I'd like to take a moment to extend my thanks to you and your staff for all the outstanding service provided to me by The Design Factory over the last 4 years.

Over the course of he last 25 years, I have worked closely with many engineers and I found very few that can measure up to the standards that you set in terms of idea generation, technical adeptness, attention to detail, and most importantly, common sense, a quality that seems to be lacking in the world of the 21st century.

I could list example after example of The Design Factory going the extra mile to make sure no detail was overlooked. From taking the extra time to teach me the assembly techniques required for a precision servo controlled drive unit, to taking the lead in the design of a totally new electrode and connector system, I know that I can always rely on your team to provide the support that is needed to make the project a success.

In the dot.com world that we live in today, it is refreshing to find a company that actually delivers on the promise of service and value for the customer. I believe that is the cornerstone of your business and I look forward to our next project together.

Vice President, Medical Device Manufacturer

I would like to express my appreciation as a long time client of The Design Factory, Inc. who has had the pleasure of working with the members of your company on numerous and diverse projects. Over the years, the array of tasks we have collaborated on ranged from very basic, in the form of exploded view Assembly Drawings, to extremely complex, where we worked together to both define and solve a challenging design problem. In every case, I have found your work product to be well organized, documented, professional, and always above my expectations.

President, Laser Technology Company

As you know, it was a time-critical development effort and your responsiveness in the design phase was essential to our completing the project on time and within budget. The innovation and thoroughness shown in developing a detailed design of the tool from our concept sketches was an important factor in our success. We literally completed final assembly of the device on Friday and went into a full-blown series of demonstration tests for the client the following week without any significant glitches.

Mechanical Designer, Telecommunications Hardware Manufacturer

I enjoyed working with you on the project. Your patience and willingness to explain and facilitate my use of ProE and the services you were furnishing us were greatly appreciated. Perhaps we will have the opportunity to work together sometime again. In the meantime, I will not hesitate to recommend you and your company to others, should they have the need.

Engineering Coordinator, Automobile Manufacturer

Russ and I have had a long standing positive working relationship. We have worked together on several projects ranging from; machining small parts to designing and replacing large portions of our drop lifts. The project I want to reflect on in this letter is the design and replacement of the ..... The original .... used a .... combination to present the various parts to either the .... at floor level or the .... The original ... design was not holding up to the production rate and was causing us downtime and higher Maintenance costs. We studied the situation and came up with a general concept of what we felt was a good countermeasure to the issue. Once we felt we had a good idea of the direction we wanted to go we called upon ... and The Design Factory to study it further and give us a detailed look at the countermeasure. We were very pleased on the design and decided to proceed with the project. The Design Factory was very receptive of changes during the design phase to insure we got what we felt was going to work for our application. ... was very involved throughout the design phase to stay up with any changes and add their input for build purposes. Once the design was finalized ... proceeded with the build. One of the biggest issues we run into is getting feedback from our build shops during the build phase. We need to be updated on progress and reflect this on the schedule. We did not have any issue with ... in this area. They were very informative on progress and any issues that came up. To evaluate our direction we installed one set ... on our ... line. Once the design proved itself we proceeded to replace 7 other .... We were able to eliminate all the ...downtime we were experiencing from the ... issues along with lowering the Maintenance cost. The ... have been installed for 4 years and are holding up to our production rate very well. The total experience was very positive and productive. I would not hesitate to utilize the combination of The Design Factory and ... in the future.

President & CEO, Metal Products Manufacturer

We have used The Design Factory since 1998. We have primarily used their engineering expertise to design new equipment and troubleshoot old equipment problems. We have found The Design Factory to be responsive to our time schedules, conscientious of our budget, and objective designers and problem solvers. We would recommend using The Design Factory whenever you need equipment engineering expertise.

Sales and Operations Manager, Machine Shop and Tool Maker

Since June of 1997 we have used the engineering capabilities of The Design Factory, Inc. on three major projects at a large Central Ohio manufacturer. Each project required time in the field designing and engineering assembly equipment, to handle larger and heavier capacities. The Design Factory, Inc. did not hesitate to assume the responsibility to accomplish the job. As the manufacturer of the projects we were impressed with the professionalism and knowledge from The Design Factory, Inc. Prints and AutoCAD files were delivered as promised, the manufacture and the installation of each project was completed on schedule. We highly recommend The Design Factory Inc. and look forward to using their expertise again.

Director of Sales and Marketing, Sheet Metal Fabricator and Assembler

Due to the fact that the project was a redesign and that the internal components were changing, there has been a continuous flow of information between our company, The Design Factory and the customer. The communication has been organized, detailed and timely. In the end, we have had a very good product that is less costly to manufacture and more aesthetically pleasing. The Design Factory has been a very large part of that success. I think the biggest value that The Design Factory has brought to the table is their expansive engineering experience in the engineering field. In the future, we will feel comfortable taking on engineering projects similar to this one knowing that The Design Factory will be there to help if we need them. Thanks again for all your support. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Sales and Operations Manager, Machine Shop and Tool Maker

Russ, Just got my first word on repair parts needed for the anti-collision (mechanism) you designed for . . . Quite a track record considering how many months they have been running . . . Good Work!

Owner, Machine Shop and Fabrication Service

It has been a pleasure to be involved on the machining and fabricating side of many of your designs. So often in the design of a product, the least considered part is ease of manufacture. Many designers don't consider the time and expense involved to manufacture the product. It is refreshing to work with the people at The Design Factory, whose expertise and practical experience is evident in the accomplishment of a newly designed product.

Product Manager, Plastic Products Manufacturer

This is to let you know that I received your work and am very pleased with what you have done.

Owner, Industrial Design Firm

Thanks for the great work. We will surely work together on future projects.